School Service Information

Kennedys Bus & Coach provides school services to the following schools. School Timetables are subject to change at any time. Further information or inquiries, call 02 44217596 or email us.

  • Bomaderry Public Schoolkennedys-thumb-vertical_01
  • Bomaderry High School
  • Cambewarra Public School
  • Culburra Public School
  • Greenwell Point Public School
  • Havenlee School
  • Illaroo Road Public School
  • North Nowra Public School
  • Nowra Anglican College
  • Nowra Christian School
  • Nowra East Public School
  • Nowra High School
  • Nowra Public School
  • Nowra TAFE College
  • Park Road Centre Nowra East
  • Shoalhaven High School
  • Shoalhaven Tutorial Centre Bomaderry
  • St Johns The Evangelist High School
  • St Michael’s Primary School
  • Terara Public School

School Travel Eligibility

School Travel
Kennedys Bus & Coach provides a network of school services from the following areas:

  • Culburra / Orient Point / Brundee /Numbaa / Terara (Route 729)
  • Greenwell Point / Pyree / Worrigee Road (Route 728)
  • Cambewarra / Kangaroo Valley (Route 809)

School students travel on regular route and dedicated school services. Services are identified by a dedicated Bus Number (1 to 10) displayed in the front window of the bus.

It is important you confirm with us which bus to catch in the morning & afternoon.

Most students residing in New South Wales are eligible to apply for free travel to and from school. This transport is provided only after presentation of a current and appropriate travel pass to the driver upon boarding the bus.

Applications for travel by Students Who are Eligible
Parents/Guardians must apply for a new travel pass when a Student:

  1. Has changed schools
  2. Has changed residential address
  3. Is moving from Year 2 to Year 3
  4. Is moving from Year 6 to Year 7
  5. Repeats a year of school

You can now apply online if you live in a rural or regional areas.

The online application covers day students who need daily travel to school from a term-time address and TAFE school students under 18 years of age.

Depending on the transport operators you select for the school journey, we will advise you whether the student will receive a rural/regional school travel pass (or passes).

For rural/regional students, it is no longer necessary to lodge a separate application for each different transport operator. One single online application covers all operators required for the student’s complete school journey.

The previous blue or green paper application forms are no longer applicable and are no longer accepted by Transport for NSW.

You will need an email address to complete the form.

Step 1. Parents (or students aged 16 or over) first fill in the online application form at, nominating your home address and which bus company the student will travel between home and school.

Step 2. Print, sign and date the completed application, then return it to your students school for endorsement. The school endorses the application. You will be advised if you need to do anything further when you have completed your online application.

Step 3. Transport for NSW then processes the application. If the application is approved,

  • You will receive an email confirming the outcome of your application.
  • for travel in rural and regional areas (outside the Opal network), a school travel pass (or passes) will be sent to the school or to the home address by the relevant transport operator, if applicable.

For rural/regional students, please contact the operator(s) directly to find out when and where the student’s pass(es) will be sent. Note: some operators in rural/regional areas do not issue passes. If you have any questions about timetables or pick up points, please contact the operator.

The application process may take several weeks. You will be informed of the outcome of your application by email. If you have any difficulties with your application call 131500 for assistance, or if you do not have internet access.

The previous (blue or green) paper application form is no longer used. However, you can use a new paper application form (pdf 52KB) for school travel if you don’t have an email address or a computer, or your address isn’t being recognised by our systems.

Conditions for Eligibility 

To be eligible for subsidized travel under the School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS), students should:

  1. Be 4 years and 6 months of age, or older;
  2. Be an infant, i.e. attending kindergarten, year 1 and 2 classes, irrespective of the distance from home to school;
  3. Be a primary student (year 3 – 6) and reside more than 1.6 kilometres (radial distance) from the school attended measured on a radius from the centre of the school site, or 2.3 kilometres or more by the most direct practicable walking route to the nearest point of physical entry to the school.
  4. Be a secondary student (year 7-12), and resident more than 2.0 kilometres (radial distance) from the school attended, measured on a radius from the centre of the school site, or 2.9 kilometres or more by the most direct practicable walking route to the nearest point of physical entry to the school.
  5. Be enrolled at a registered day school.

Use of Free Travel Pass
School travel is only available between home and school for school attendance and is available on school days only.

Passes are not transferable and must be shown on demand. Therefore all students must carry their travel pass on all school days. Students must present their pass to the driver upon boarding and to an inspector when requested.

Withdrawal of Free School Pass
Transport for NSW reserves the right to withdraw a travel pass if investigation shows the student to be ineligible. Following notification to the parent/guardian, any issued pass must be surrendered to the school principal or Kennedys Bus & Coach and subsidised travel cease immediately.

Read more on specific details relating to the SSTS system below.

What is SSTS?
SSTS is a scheme run by Transport for NSW in conjunction with schools and transport companies to enable eligible students to travel to and from school at no cost to the parents or guardians.

Eligibility Criteria
The table shown below details the eligibility criteria for free travel under SSTS.

Kindergarten – Year 2 All Eligible
Years 3 to 6 Greater than 1.6km radius Greater than 2.3km walking Health or Safety reasons
Years 7 to 12 Greater than 2.0km radius Greater than 2.9km walking Health or Safety reasons

The eligibility criteria are applied in sequence. IE: the year that the student is in is reviewed first.

If the student is in Kindergarten to Year 2 they are, regardless of any other factors, eligible – as long as they are traveling to and from their home address.

If the student is in a year greater than Year 2 the Radial Distance is then examined. If the Radial Distance is greater than shown in the table, then the student is eligible.

The application needs to be sent to Transport for NSW, with a letter.

If the Radial Distance is less than shown in the table, the walking distance is reviewed secondly.

If the Walking Distance is greater than shown in the above table, then the student is eligible.

Health or safety criteria only need to be examined when the age or distance criteria are not satisfied.

For more details on the following – please click here to view Transport for NSW website.

Eligibility, Applications, Student Responsibilities, Operator Responsibilities, Complaints, Improving the Scheme, Frequently Asked Questions, Enquiries

NOTE: The best thing to do is complete the Application Form and if after we have checked, you don’t qualify on the distance criteria, we will contact you to discuss other alternatives. The Company checks distance qualification criteria thoroughly.

Do I need to reapply each year?
No. A new application is only required if there is a change of:

  1. Students moving from year 2 to year 3
  2. Students moving from year 6 to year 7
  3. School, or home address, or Name of the student
  4. The school at the start of the new school year will distribute passes.

What do I do if the Pass is lost?
Replacement passes can be issued by our office at a cost of $11.00.

What do I do if my child is not eligible and I still want them to catch the bus?
Purchasing a Student Travel Pass is the most economical option, which provides a minimum discount of 20% from the daily cash fare (and usually higher).

For further details see Student Travel Passes. If your child/children is traveling more than three (3) days per week a Student Travel Pass is very cost effective.

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