The benefits of taking the coach

There are societal benefits.

Riding a coach means one less car on the road. If more people took coaches for holidays, there would be fewer cars on the road, therefore less traffic, and reduced stress for drivers. The reduction in stress would lead to less road rage and possibly fewer crashes.

Coach’s, on the average, can eliminate up to 50 vehicles from the road making holiday traffic congestion that much less per bus.

There are the obvious environmental benefits.

By relying on coaches we reduce our car use and help promote cleaner air, the opposite of which can exacerbate smog and respiratory illness. For each kilometre travelled, coaches emit fewer pollutants by a single-passenger automobile (buses emit 80% less carbon monoxide than a car)[1]. Opting for coaches also means less noise and pollution, and coaches lower parking demands.

There are personal benefits.

By riding the coach, you avoid the hassle and cost of parking. Your time is important you can read, catch up on work, or effectively ponder the issues without having to pay driver like attention to our surroundings. With the increasing price of fuel, not to mention insurance rates, servicing, and parking, it just makes sense economically to make use of coaches. In addition, coaches continue to be one of the safest modes of travel in Australia. Coach operators are highly trained to anticipate and avoid problems.

[1] Comparison of Energy Use & CO2 Emissions From Different Transportation Modes, 2007, M.J. Bradley & Associates


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